How to Get a Tenant Verification in Pune

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Tenant verification is a process that provides a thorough background check on the tenants to the landlords before permitting them to reside.

The main intention is to ensure their timely payment and to ensure that there are no criminal records of tenants.

This process helps to confirm safety of the landlords.

Tenant verification is duly verified by the police. There are certain procedures to be followed:

Process For Police Verification - Must Know Laws

  1. Download the application form from the Pune Police Website (form link is given below) and fill up the same.
  2. Paste a recent photograph of the tenant on the application form.
  3. Also attach a photocopy of rent agreement between the landlord and the tenant.
  4. The Tenant should get a letter from employer in his place of work. If employed, he needs to state that he is currently employed by an employee and as per their records, the present address is his residence address and attach the same.
  5. Attach photocopy of any government Identity proof of the tenant- [pan card or driving license or passport].
  6. Attach company ID proof of the tenant.
  7. Attach copy of any government ID showing permanent address of the tenant.
  8. In case the numbers of tenants are more than one then you need to fill one form for every tenant and attach the respective documents above mentioned for every tenant individuall.
  9. All these documents along with the duly filled forms have to be submitted to the nearest police station.
  10. Also you need to get an acknowledgment on the Xerox copy of the form submitted
  11. Once you have got the acknowledgment get a Xerox of the same and submit one copy to the Society office and one copy with the tenant and the original acknowledged form with you.

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