How to Redress Railway Police related Grievances

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There are mainly two government bodies that address grievance redressal related to Railway Police:

  1. Railway Zonal Complaint Cells
  2. Directorate of Public Grievances

Railway Zonal Complaint Cells:

  • Complaint Cells exist for each Railway Zone.
  • Complaints can be lodged either by contacting helpline number of the site or by sending a mail to the e-mail ID of the cell.

Following are the areas on which complaints could be made:

  • Seat cornering at the platform/in general compartments with the help of 'Hammals'.
  • Presence of unauthorized and illegal hawkers.
  • Picking up passengers out-of-turn by Taxi drivers at the Railway stations.
  • Taxi drivers refusing to transport passengers as per meter charges and
    thereby over-charging them.
  • Recycling of Mineral water bottles.

Complaints against Railway Police Force (RPF) can also be lodged if any of the following conditions exist:

  • If the RPF staff on duty fails to respond to any information provided above
  • If any RPF personnel engaged in extorting money from passengers for queuing up before the general compartments.
  • If any RPF personnel is engaged in monetary negotiations after finding some objectionable material in any passenger's baggage.
  • If any RPF personnel is engaged in monetary negotiations after booking a passenger for any offence under the Railway Act.

Directorate of Public Grievances:

  • This is the second appellate authority and hence is required to be approached only after having received no/unsatisfactory response from the concerned authority
  • Details on grievance has to be provided at the complaints page of the website or a written letter addressing the body has to be posted to the address of the body
  • Additional information has to be provided on whether appellate body has been approached
  • On lodging a complaint, a registration number will be provided for future reference.
  • Status of the complaint can be found in the website with the help of the registration number.
  • Download the form

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