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Income cerficate

Reported on June 19, 2019 from Ambattur , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #208647

Hi all.I went to taluk. Office in Ambattur on 31.5.19 for income cerficate ...out side one agent is there he said he will get that cerficate with in 6 days but he want 1800 rs to get it....I don't have money so I go inside the office and register over there in e savi mayam that gave me a letter ...I came today the days is 19.6.19...still I dint get my income cerficate how is possible to get a income cerficate.. With in 6 days ..so money is playing every where..... And that agent no 7338954264......its very irritating just for income cerficate they want money for a low class student they are asking what a humanity.its really hurting..I don't know where to complain

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