How To Get a Passport Reference File Number

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Passport Reference File Number (PRFN) is a number that is first given when an applicant applies for a passport. With the help of this number you can check in the internet the status of your passport.

PRFN is provided once you pay the money and submit the application form of a passport. You can use this for reference.

The number will consist of some alphabets and some digits along with the year of application of the passport. In total the PRFN consists 12 digit unique numbers.

Purpose of the Passport Reference File Number

In certain cases there may be delay in issuing a passport. In such cases, with the help of Passport Reference File Number you can track down the status of your passport. If there is some problem, you can directly go to the passport office and take necessary steps after knowing the problem. When will you get the Passport Reference File Number?

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