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  • 6 years ago

Red Light Area

Reported on November 15, 2012 from Chandigarh , Chandigarh  ι Report #31145

I am working as a team leader in BPO in Mohali, today when i was going to my home in my car at 5:30 PM, then 2 traffic policemen ordered me to stop, I obeyed their orders and stopped my car, they told me that you have jumped the red lights that is why we stopped you, i told them that it is my daily routine to cross these lights. i stopped at red lights and crossed when got Green only one truck crossed the lights before me and i and truck both crossed the lights so quickly that nobody can even say that i did't obey red lights. I was really surprised that how these traffic policemen are behaving with me even after obeying all the traffic rules. In the end 1 policeman told me that we are filling the form of fine so it is good if you can pay the charges here instead of visiting DTO office, they told me to pay 100 Rs as a bribe. I refused them and told them that i am working 15 - 18 hr honestly and with full dedication and getting good salary after lot of hard work. 100 Rs are nothing in these days but it was the matter of my self respect if i did nothing why should i pay even 100 Rs and also bribe is bribe. I gave them the example of my father that he is working in electricity Board Punjab on Govt. Job from last 25 yrs but did't even took 1 Rs of bribe in his whole life. I clearly told them that if they want to fill Challan Form against me they can I will pay the fine to government rather to give bribe to them which is also crime. Then 1 traffic policeman told me to feel sorry them they will leave me without the challan i clearly told them that i will not feel sorry for nothing. Then they filled the Challan Form and i signed the form And told them i am satisfied by paying the fine to government rather then paying the bribe. I will pay the fine for jumping teh red lights at DTO Office Mohali. I HAVE DONE MY DUTY TOWARDS THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND PUNJAB AND REST IS ON YOU ALL.

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