Dear Raghu, Greetings from Qatar ! I am ********** Vasappanavara - an India National presently living & working in Qatar. I am in the process of registering my property at Bangalore (Puravankara Ve

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Reported on August 30, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  | Report #49559

If you want to buy a property and register its sale and if you want to pay the entire amount through cheque, then the entire transaction is above board. In such cases, nobody can stop you and It is your right to have the sale deed registered. And do you know who will lose if you do not register it? The government, because they collect stamp duty on the transaction!

In the past, there was a lot of scope for corruption. This was because the buyer would pay some part of the sale amount in unaccounted money. The registration office would know about it. So they threatened the buyer with the threat that they would launch an investigation into undervaluation! In such circumstances, the registration office and the buyer colluded to declare a low value and the buyer parted with a bribe, to pay the registration office authorities to look the other way. Who was the loser? The government, which was not getting the full stamp duty that ought to have been paid.

To curb this, the government came out with fixed area wise guidance values. Regardless of the value on your sale deed, you had to pay the stamp duty as per the guidance value, (or the sale deed value, whichever is higher). This has changed the situation completely. The registrar’s office has no discretion now. They must register your deed. Then tell me, my friend, why should you pay a bribe???

What can the registration office do if you do not pay a bribe? They can make you wait, thats all! And even there they cannot do much. Please go to the registration departments website, at


Here you can download the citizens charter of the registration department. Do you in know in how much time the sub registrar has committed to complete your transaction? 2 hours 20 minutes! 20 minutes to verify the market value of property, 1 hour for Preliminary scrutiny of documents, enclosures and issue of Form No.1A. and one hour for admission of documents, recording signatures etc. Please print out the citizens charterand carry it with you. Let us see how many officials will disregard their own departments citizens charter!

At the end of the day, the registrars office has no discretion to refuse to undertake a registration, if your papers are in order. According to their own citizens charter, they have committed to finish your transaction within a short time. If they demand a bribe from you, it is because they believe they can fool you, for some more time at least. If you stay firm and insist upon getting the registration done, then the registration department cannot refuse to register the transaction. 

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Dear Raghu,

Greetings from Qatar !

I am Anand Vasappanavara - an India National presently living & working in Qatar. I am in the process of registering my property at Bangalore (Puravankara Venizia) in the comming months (October) once it is completed.

I would like to know the pit falls of the registration process & ideas how to complete this process smoothly without paying a bribe. I am aware that your team sent out a mail regarding this issue to me some time ago, but i do not have it with me now.

Have a pleasant day ahead


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