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  • 5 years ago

Bribe to a person claiming herself to be an advocate

Reported on August 23, 2019 from Kolkata , West Bengal  ι Report #212288

Date - 23/08/2019
Time - around 1 pm
My car was at Phoolbagan Crossing, EM Bypass, Kolkata waiting in the signal driven by my husband (owner of the car)
When the signal turned green, My car was in the left lane approaching to take a left turn, a lady claiming herself to be an advocate and the carbwas driven by her driver in the next lane overtook my car and caused damage to her own car (however, my car also got some scratches but the degree of damage was less) and then held my husband responsible for the same but as I said he was waiting in the signal and was following all the traffic rule , it was the lady's driver who overtook my car.
Then she started threatening, as she was an advocate, him either you pay me 2000 or I will take your car to the police station , lodge a complaint and seize your car. And when he asked to take it to the police station she denied and said I need monetary compensation right now.
The traffic police as well supported her inspite of knowing the fact that it was not my husband's fault maybe because she claimed herself an advocate
The traffic police wrote a letter and asked my husband to sign it without even explaining what was written in the letter as he cannot read and understand English.
The letter said the driver (my husband) was driving the car recklessly and negligently. Which is completely wrong as they wanted to put all the responsibility of damage on him and wrongfully taken the amount of money.
This is a case of coercion and corruption by the lady advocate and the traffic police.

I hereby request the authority concern to look into the matter and suggest recovery.
Thank you.

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