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Blurring the line between giving and taking

Posted on October 21, 2013


Judging by the number of reports we get against the police department from across the country, it wouldn’t be hard for one to assume that the department  is thoroughly corrupt.

We often overlook the fact that any department, whether it is the police or a public service provider, comprises of those who would forcefully get their palms greased or readily accept offers from those willing to do it.

We do not know for sure the difference between those who are compelled to concede and those who concede without any compulsion.

Ambiguous laws pertaining to consensual bribery have further blurred the line that distinguishes a bribe giver and bribe taker. Tracking these consensual bribers has become more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.

“Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely”,  stated British historian Lord Acton. No matter how true this is for us Indians, what remains vague is this- who commands this power? Is it the politicians, bureaucrats and policemen or is it money?