How to Change Name in the Transfer of Property Tax in Chennai

Name should not be empty


The following are required to register a document:

  • Executed Document
  • Copy of the document in the registration copy form (if the Registration of office fully computerized it is not required)
  • Patta Transfer application with court fee stamp of Rs.5/-
  • The details of PAN / GIR number of the seller in case of the property stated in the document exceed Rs.5 Lakhs or Form 60 Statements in case PAN/GIR Number not provided in the document.
  • Registration fees
  • Sub-Division fees
  • NOC is required from local bodies concerned if the document relates to first conveyance of house site in an unapproved layout.
  • NOC is required from concerned authorities, if the documents relating to the properties belonging to Government, local bodies or religious institutions.
  • Two Photographs of Executants
  • Original and copy of the identity proof and address proof for verification.

Document Details:

  • Name and Address of the Executants & Claimants of the document
  • Consideration received for the sale
  • Full details of the property including building are important details should be present in the document.
  • The Executants should sign in the each page of the document and two witnesses should also sign at the end of documents.
  • In respect of the sale deed both seller and buyer should sign the document and should appear before the registering officer.

Important Details

Cost of Application Form: Rs.50/-

Documents To Be Enclosed: Registered Documents In the name of The Transferee Registered Sale Deed Will prohibited Will High Court Death Certificate of The deceased And legal heir Certificate Issued by the Tahsildar Concerned Registered Settlement Deed Records Relating to Right to Ownership Property Tax Book and Updated tax Paid receipt. 1 Rupee Court Fee Stamp to be affixed on the Name Transfer Application

Contact Officer: Revenue Officer, Corporation of Chennai

Other Details: Application Should be Submitted Within 3 Months from The date of Registration And within 12 months from the date of obtaining legal heir Certificate failing which a minimum fine of Rs.50/- will be charged. Name Transfer Will is completed within 15 days. If any Delay, Appeal may be made to the Officer Concerned.


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