How to get a Gas Connection in Bangalore

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Here is A-Z information you need to know on applying for a gas connection in Bangalore.

Where to apply for a gas connection?

To get a new gas connection in Bangalore city a person can opt from any one of the following given companies:

  1. Indane Gas 
  2. HP Gas
  3. Bharath Gas
  4. Jyothi Gas 
  5. Spic Jothi Gas

How to apply and what are the formalities?

To apply for a gas connection, one does not need to pay any deposit upfront. Only furnishing a copy of each of one identification proof and residence proof to a gas agency is enough and the agency allocates the person a New Gas Connection Booking number that one needs to remember as he will need to refer to this number while following up with the agency.

What are the Documents required?

  1. Residence Proof (Copy of Ration card/Rent agreement etc.)
  2. Photo ID proof (Copy of your driver’s license or Voter’s ID card or Adhaar Card, etc.)

Where to Book for a gas connection?

Nearest gas agency office. For the gas agency office in Bangalore, one can refer to Gas agency link

What is the Time taken to get a connection?

Though the agencies claim to provide the connections anywhere between 7 – 30 days, the usual shortage of available connections stretches this time frame to anywhere between 3-5 months.

What is the Cost of getting a Gas Connection?

 Approx between Rs 3500/- to 5000 (in cash) depends on the agency which includes the following:

  1. The deposit for each metal cylinder (you can get up to two)
  2. The regulator
  3. For the Gas Stove (it is a mandate for you to buy this stove, without which the agencies will not give you a connection)
  4. Refill cost of the first cylinder
  5. Safety kit that comprises the gas tube
  6. Administration and installation charges (whether or not they come to install it at your place)

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