How to Procure a Trade Licence from BBMP

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Schedule X of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976 lists the trades and industries that require a trade licence from concerned municipal authorities. In Bangalore, BBMP is the civic agency that issues trade licences to various shops and industries within its jurisdiction. The Health Department of BBMP is in charge of these matters. The health officer of BBMP has powers to close an unlicensed commercial premise.

  • The licence issued expires on 31st March every year. The application for renewal needs to be done before the last day of February each year. For trade renewal licence, an affidavit on a Rs.100/- stamp paper needs to be filed. This affidavit shall state that trade will continue to be carried on as per regulations and other laws in force.
  • If a person has multiple trades in the same premises, then he needs to pay a compounded fee equal to twice the highest fee payable for the trades or commodities he is dealing in.
  • Apart from trade licence fee, a separate fee needs to be paid for using power or generator. One needs to pay either for the sanctioned power load or generator whichever is of higher capacity.
  • The various trades and industries are mentioned in Schedule X of the Act and the applicable fees are also mentioned.
  • BBMP has also setup ‘special trade health licence clinics’, which functions from 1st Feb to 15th Feb every year where renewal applications are accepted and processed. These clinics function in their respective zones. New applications for trade licence should be handed over only at BBMP range offices. 
  • Documents required for the trade licence are as follows:

i) Property owner’s consent letter.

ii) Property tax paid receipt.

iii) NOC from neighbours.

iv) Building Plan of trade premises.

v) Occupancy Certificate.

vi) Khata Certificate.

  •  Normally the inspection of the premises will be done within 3 working days. Maximum time period for the issuance of trade license is 7 days.

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