How to renew licence under the Karnataka Shop and Commercial Establishment Act, 1961

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Process Flow:

  • Pick up form A from the counter and enclose it with the below mentioned documents.
  • Application along with the above mentioned documents should be submitted at the reception which will be further sent to the concerned case worker.
  • This can be scrutinized by the concerned case worker/ Selected Labour Inspection SLI) / labour Inspection (LI).
  • This is followed by Preparation of note in the file.
  • This then follows the Inspection, if necessary, to verify the facts. This might also include hearing the parties, if needed and passing of an Order.
  • Based on the documents and inspection the application will Grant / reject the Certificate

Pre-paid fees minus fees paid as per Schedule-I

Category of Establishment

Fees (Rs.)

Shops & Commercial Establishment having NIL employees



01 – 09 employees


10 – 19 employees



20 – 49 employees



50 – 99 employees


100 – 250 employees



251 – 500 employees



501 – 1000 employees



Above 1000 employees



Time Required/Taken

A maximum of 15 days to consider the application


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