Renewal of registration certificate of a non-transport vehicle

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The owner shall obtain renewal of registration certificate in respect of Non-Transport vehicles after completion 15 years of the age of the vehicle.

Application for renewal of registration certificate shall be made in form CMV25 not more than SIXTY(60)DAYS before the date of its expiry along with documents viz. Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Tax Card, Pollution Under Control Certificate, Prescribed fee and to produce the vehicle for inspection in good condition. 



Fees for Renewal of Registration:

1. Rs 60/- for Two wheelers

2. Rs 100/- for imported Two wheelers

3. Rs 200/- for Light Motor Vehicles (Non-transport )

4. Rs 800 for Imported LMV's

5. Rs 25/- per calendar month as compounding fee for belated renewal of registration subject to a maximum of Rs 100/-

Green Tax: Rs 250 in respect of two wheelers

                      Rs 500 in respect of LMV's


Vehicle has to be produced for inspection. After inspection by the Inspecting Authority if the vehicle complies with requirements of Motor Vehicles Act and rules made thereunder, the registration certificate will be renewed for a further period of 5 Years
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