What to do in case of robbery at home or office in Bangalore

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Houses which are isolated and lonely become easy targets for dacoities, burglary and theft. Houses left locked for many days are the ones which are attacked by burglars and thieves. Burglars like easy opportunities and never try to attempt a house if it makes more noise or takes more time. They also avoid places with high visibility and dense populations.

In case of a burglary

1. If you are alone at home and find your home being broken into, first think of being safe. Then try and call for the authorities if you are near a phone. If you are not near a phone and cannot reach a phone, try and find a safe exit in the room. Do not leave the room you are in while you are being robbed and if you have any doubts of the robber seeing you.

2. Do not attempt to socialise with the burglar. This rule is very important if they have a gun or any weapon on them. Never attempt to fight them off either. Especially, if the burglar has firearms.

3. After the burglar has gone, call the police immediately in 100 or 103 or any other police station number you have in order to alarm the police.

4. Try searching for evidence. If you are a woman and the burglar has sexually assaulted you, do not shower. Authorities can perform a sexual assault test on you and possibly recover evidence. Any piece of clothing, personal items drooped by the burglar, or even hair samples can be useful evidences and help the police catch the culprit.


Department /Organisation: Bangalore City police 

Contact person: Assistant Commissioner of Police / Call 100 immediately for the nearest police station.

Phone: 100 Location: Find the local police station within your jurisdiction on the map


Helplines: In case of any theft or robbery call the police immediately in 100 or 103.
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