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Police took money from me for passport verification

Reported on May 10, 2017 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #163520

Swamy,14-5-14,11am,Gulbarga,University Police station,Constable...और पढ़ें

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Appointments of Branch Post Master in Kalaburagi Division Kalaburagi

Reported on July 17, 2016 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #111503

I am Rajkumar Katti Social Activist in Malkhed of Sedam Taluka and Kalaburagi District of Karnatkaka. The appointment for the post of Branch Post Off...और पढ़ें

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  • 10 years ago
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No license without agents

Reported on June 7, 2012 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #31312

Hi I am ********** **********, I wanted Driving license and went to RTO Office for that, there I find only agents more than officers, Than I ask ...और पढ़ें

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150 INR for FIR *******

Reported on March 11, 2012 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #31353

It happened long back when i lost my Sim card and was told to get a FIR copy to get a new sim. When i went to the police station i was VERY CLEARLY to...और पढ़ें

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I didn't pay Bribe @ RTO.

Reported on March 7, 2011 from Gulbarga , Karnataka  ι Report #32452

Hi all, This incident happened to me in gulbarga, I was asked to pay bribe of 300 or 500, 5-6 years back. But by means of different source. I refus...और पढ़ें