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Asked for money in order to clear police verification

Reported on May 23, 2018 from Baharampur , West Bengal  ι Report #183019

I went to the Berhampore,West Bengal PSK to renew my passport. A TCS employee told me that he will help me in order to make the process fast. At first I didn't get his point but he continuously forced me to opt for his help. After finding out his motive I told him clearly that I have faith in the system and I don't want his help. He then tried to renegotiate in order to get some amount from me. I politely refused. I was very surprised to see the amount of effort this guy was making to gain some money and he is working at the PSK for TCS, a great name!! How this kind of guys still exists in this digital age is beyond my understanding. Name of that person is Abhijnan Bhattacharya. Apart from this job he runs a dance school and many of us know him as a good person. Unfortunately my faith and respect broke that day. I would like to see strict action taken against this sort of cases and make it as an example so that no one dares to approach the common people for a bribe.

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