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Financial Debauchery during 2009-2015 in ORIENTAL BANK OF COMMERCE

Reported on October 4, 2016 from Amritsar , Punjab  ι Report #126701

I served bank for 32 years in various capacities. being spirited whistle blower vent up dirty laundry of senior authorities. hundred of letters were written, about financial malfeasance, money laundering, financial irregularities, frauds and misappropriations, acts of embezzlement of funds by bank officials and union leaders., to CMD, MDCEO, Executive director, chief Vigilance officer, Vigilance Department, Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Reserve Bank of India and vigilance bureau punjab. I am ashamed to be an Indian who are classical hypocrites . Every one expresses concern about corruption and its cancer publically but supports from inside considering as best lubricant essential to run the system. During the last three years, shoes and chappal have been worn out in courts to bring accused and swindlers to books of law but no one has helped. PMO office is publicity monger. Corrupts were promoted and whistle blower is biting dust of courts. Corruption is everyone's baby but fight against it is non one's baby still we claim to be most developing and broad minded having full tolerance about corruption taking it as sacrosanct. Mercy about corrupt is economy of our hearts.
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