How to Register Establishment Under the Building & Other Construction Worker Act, 1996

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Process Flow:

  • Submit the Application along documents at the Reception which will then be handed over to the concerned case worker
  • Scrutinisation by the concerned case worker
  • Submission of note in the file to the Registration Authority
  • Sending to the sub-ordinate officer / inspector, if needed for verification OR inspection by Officer OR calling of Statutory records.
  • Inspection by the sub-ordinate officer / inspector and report submission.
  • Granting / rejecting the Certificate / Licence

Documents Required

  • Covering Letter (Preferably on a Letter Head)
  • Proof of Fee / Deposit Paid (Original Challan copy)
  • Duly filled in prescribed Application Form and Annexures (In Triplicate)
  • Authentic identity card of the Applicant like EPIC, Driving Licence, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Employment Card, RSBY Card NPS Card, ID-list approved by Election Commission of India
  • Declaration regarding non-employment of child labour
  • Copy of the Registration / Challan of ESI/PF/ST/Plan approval by BDA/BBMP/Local Body
  • List with full address and identity card of Partners / Directors / Owners / Occupiers of the Organisation.
  • Applicants / Authorised Signatories full name, address, and designation with Seal.
  • Mobile Number / E-mail IDs for communication
  • Authorisation / Power of Attorney Letter (if applicable)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) / ROC in case of Private / Public Company

Where to submit

Reception-in charge at the counter

Time required:

15 days

Additional information

  • In case the service is not delivered in time, one has to approach the competent Officer as an appeal.

Maximum number of days to wait to get the decision of the Competent Officer is 30

  • If the decision of the competent officer is not acceptable or not implemented, approach the Appellate Authority as a second appeal.

Maximum number of days to wait to get the decision of the Appellate Authority is 45

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