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  • 10 years ago

Direct Supply of electricity in flats by DHVBN employee- Sub Division KadiPur Gurgaon

Reported on December 7, 2012 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #31107

I have made many complaints in the DHBVN through mails, Speed post, call centre and telephonic with (Mr. SDO , Xen Vigilence and Operation and SDO Vigilence) but In the Karamyogi Apartment GH-14 Sector-10A flat no 506, 806 electricity being supplied directly under these people direction where is no meter in the said flats. How ever complaints made by me to the all senior officials and they have sent the team but after reaching there they have just done the formalities because of these supplies were made with the help of only DHBVN. More suprprizning that if any theft in any permises, within 72 hours FIR is must but DHBVN not made the FIR. Reason is these flats are belong to some person's surname is HOODA and ********** and these are relatives of DHBVN officers hence no action has been initiated. I am mentioning the Connection no. you your self see on DHVBN site that even after permanent diconnection since more than one year how these families are surviving, its self explanatory that by theft of electricity. Connection Nos are ******* & ******* . Even on these conenctions heavy dues are pending but not recoverd by DHVBN. Other side DHVBN claiming that line loss of electricity and fact is that most of the line loss is due to employees are involvement and this evidence based stroy. I am fighting for stop this theft since 18th May 2012 but not suceeded because of Kadipur gurgaon Division of DHVBN offcials and senior officials are relative of these falt owners and approx 50 KWH electricity being used in these flats as these are 6 bed room flats of 3 bed room each. I will keep my fight untill disconenction of power supply in these flats and recover the loss from these flat owneres. i am putting the complaints to the anticorruption cell against these Xen and SDO with evidence that they have not done the duty in favour of Nigam and invovle in making the loss to the nigam and this is only the one finding might be more which is matter of further investigation by the Anticorruption team. You can check with the Guard of Society on Phone no 0124-4141732 that these flats are occupied but no meter in the flats, Guard will also tell you that DHVBN people keep coming but after taking the tea and snacks in these falts they are going back and no action by these team and just doing formalities of visits on complaints.

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