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  • 11 years ago

Pay the bribe for low electric bill

Reported on November 8, 2011 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #31462

We shifted to a rental flat in Chennai before two months. Last week a person from EB came to take the reading of Electric consumption , he said that the meter is not working. He then said he will be in the EB office and he will enter a minimal amount if we pay him some amount. We refuse to pay him the bribe and now we had to pay the EB bill than the usual charge we pay normally . Say we paid 300 to 400 per month(Its a one bad room flat) when we where in the previous house with good meter reading and now 1000 Rs because we dint accept to pay bribe for the EB reader. I saw the same person in EB office when I went to pay the bill and with no guilt he said if you could have give me the money that day the bill would have come with minimal charge. How can we change these people ??

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