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  • 11 years ago

Police was asking for a bribe we denied and protested

Reported on September 9, 2011 from Pondicherry , Pondicherry  ι Report #31510

At the entrance of pondicherry I entred in a taxi with friend adn family. The taxi driver took his papers and approached to the office to pay the tax. We accompanied him to see how much he pays. The fee was 420 and the police was asking for more than 500/-. We told him to give me a reciet of the amount what I am paying. They started speking in tamil to make us out of this world. We spoke in clear english and told we will not pay even a single rupee more. THey staterd scolding driver saying why he brought us here. I somehow understood him and asked him that he is driver and I am the person who has to pay, don't scold the driver. Even driver was talking with his side. We asked them to call his manager who was quitly sitting in the room inside. We barged in his room and made him ashamed to asking the bribe. Finally we paid what was the amount on reciet. Driver was scared of his taxi getting caught on some signal, we assured him by saying let him catch the taxi we will fight with the traffice police on signal also. No one caught the taxi anywhere and we enjoyed the trip of *******

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