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  • 13 years ago

Ration card from usa

Reported on January 21, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #32581

Hi i work in USA and hold an indian passport my father after retiring moved to delhi while i never bothered to put my name in ration card i went to the office(tilak nagar) for application form, the person at the counter first wants to know my bussiness for adding my name on the card
2nd since im comeing from USA i have to get a letter from USA (rationing office: thats his exact words)that i dont have my name in there.
also whats the time for office bussiness for thses depts u go after 1 pm and they r closed
someone tell me how can one get a simple thing as name entry from ppl who have been sitting in that chair for 30 yrs not ready to do anything other than lunch

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