• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

Air cargo customs officer took bribe

Reported on September 5, 2018 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #188452

Air cargo customs officer(Women) took bribe for customs goods(LED TV).I was ready to pay 38% tax on the asset legally.I went thru agent(his name is Tahir) to speed up the process. But I didn’t know that agents in Air cargo office have deals with customs officer. First agent quoted Rs.55000 as tax by searching the product value in google and picked the highest value available in one of the sites.Customs officers didn’t have any database or list in handy for exact price value of the product.I even showed the actual purchased bill and asked them to calculate tax based on the bill or the corresponding asset market value.But the customs officer didn’t listen and she searched different model value in google (not the one I bought)and quoted Rs.75000 as tax.They had asked me to pay bribe of Rs.50000 and I had to request agent so many times and end up paying Rs.30000 as bribe.Agents negotiate the bribe amount on behalf of customs officer. And finally they showed Rs.30000 as asset value and paid Rs.11500 as tax to the government officially and cleared my goods..That means they took Rs. 18500 (out of Rs.30000)as bribe. I have seen people like me end up paying Rs.60000 on the same day as bribe.I had to submit that clearance bill at the exit of cargo office to move goods out of office..So we will not be having the original clearance bill with us.

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