• I Paid A Bribe
  • 7 years ago

Asked to pay bribe for marriage registration at K.R. Puram sub registrar office

Reported on August 19, 2015 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #64848

I went at K.R. Puram sub registrar office for getting my marriage registration done along with all required document. As it was working day, it was pretty rush. Still when the main office arrived he asked us to present the documents, he had one look at all of them. He was kind enough to ask us to get photo as required and guided us to a nearest photo shop. Once photos were ready, our case was handed over to a lady for processing. She looked at us, started the process and within 1.5 hours we found the marriage certificate ready. It was a good shock till she handed over the bill which was 130. I happily paid it and she took me in a corner and asked for 500. I initially thought it might be some additional bill attached may be some kind of express service charge. I paid the money and kept wondering if she gives me receipt. It never came and she asked us to go. It all happened before a crowd. Before I say anything I found her gone for lunch and ourselves heading for home.

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