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  • 6 years ago

Passport Verification in Pune

Reported on August 17, 2018 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #187305

On 14th Aug, 2018, I got a call from Kondhwa police station, Pune, for my passport police verification with documents like Passport Application Form, Rental Rent Agreement, Adhaar card, Bank statement & Electricity Bill When I reached there, Then, the police personal who was handling the file asked only me to go to the other room with curtains hiding the place where 2 cops were sitting. While entering the room i felt little fishy as only i was being asked to go to other room from the queue. In next room at around 7 Pm, I met a police personal, he started checking my documents and tried to find small small nukes in the documents which i was carrying, these nukes generally are due to the Data entry personals issuing Aadhaar Card / Electricity Bill even after we provide them all the correct data. After lot of search, the cop asked me for few more documents like - old rent agreement but but but asked me to return back without my wife who was accompanying me at around 8.30 Pm. He insisted me to send my wife back home many times, At that time i had no idea why he wanted my wife to go back home and asked me to stay till 8.30 Pm. Again after sometime when i provided the documents he checked whether my wife has gone or not and started scolding me for not sending my wife back home. He asked me to come after few minutes this time i asked my wife to stay outside and went alone. This time the Cop accepted the documents and said that i need to give some amount for Tea to the TOP personal in order to get the work done. Shamelessly he also started explaining the way to give money, he asked me to take the documents back & place the ample money to get the process done inside the documents and then bring it back to him. I was shocked and taken aback with such remark while 2 other cops sitting beside him wearing a wicked smile on their face while this was happening. It seemed as if they were enjoying the moment when i was pleading the cop for completing the Police verification. Cmon men it was 14th of Aug a day before our Independence Day with their seniors outside doing the next day preparation just beside the cabin. Moreover than money i was shocked and ruined the improved image of cops i had in the back of my mind. This was the time when i understood the actual reason behind the intention of the cop sending my wife home. He was ashamed of asking for bribe in front of my wife. Previously i had read few good reviews about the Police station but got a totally different experience. Unfortunately-unwillingly i had to place 500 Rupee note inside the documents as it seemed the only option in order to get my work done or else the cop would have rejected my verification which i didn't wanted.

To sum it up I accept that I did a wrong job myself by surrendering to their demand of bribe. But I really wonder how this is still happening in todays when technology has advanced so much, Why there is no camera, no electronic check inside the cabin where this is done. Why they have these curtains or enclosed cabins for such verifications. Why there is no security personal to keep a check on such corrupted officials. Why dont the Seniors conduct a suprise check and catch the criminal sitting in Police Uniform. Or are the seniors sitting in the Police station are the only ones behind this, A BIG QUESTION?

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