• I Paid A Bribe
  • 5 years ago

We were defaulters in paying the common board electricity bill in apartments

Reported on November 7, 2019 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #216538

6/11/19 afternoon timing ,
The Head of DC (defaulters) division , we had not paid the commons meter in our apartment 2yrs approx( there is not much use ) ..we use to pay in between at times..as we pay bill in net and it was bt showing properly , we also didn't have time to look into it..(also we were financially down)

But now, we thought we'll go n ask what is the bill we'll pay off . They asked fr 11500 , we thought it was fine , but they gave bill for only 5000 and odd ..the remaining money is unaccounted and it's not just her , the money is distributed through all of them .

It's not just me , there were others who were complaining too , they are constantly taking bribe from all of us , and there is no one to question them .
Even if it was fine , the money is going to our Indian government..I wouldn't bother it was out mistake , but taking all the money fr them makes our nation weak . Am hurt , that nobody will take action no matter what we say .

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