How to Avail a Birth Certificate in Pune

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Birth certificate is an important document which is to be used as your residential proof. It is a proof regarding your date of birth, place where you were born, your real name, guardians’ name and other relevant information. It is very important that you should carry this document when you are applying for passport, domicile or any other such documents that are necessary for your residential proof.

Applying for a birth Certificate in Pune (Offline)

  • The birth certificate form can be obtained from your nearest Pune Corporation office and before that you need to check your registration name.
  • You need to fill all the required details properly and check before submitting the details to the officers. Any mistake can be an issue later.
  • After paying the required amount you will be asked to wait for a few days after which you will get your birth certificate.

Applying for birth certificate in Pune (online)

  • The birth certificate in Pune can be obtained through online medium by where the first thing you need to check is your registered name.
  • After checking your name, you can download the form from the website. You can fill the form by providing the details regarding name, time and date of birth and your name.
  • Check before you send the certificate to the Pune Corporation office along with the form money which can range from Rs. 5-Rs. 10/- along with the form.
  • You will have to wait for some days after which the birth certificate will be delivered to your home.


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