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Bribe to cremate my father

Reported on December 3, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #226109

On the 06 Nov 2020, my father passed away in hospital of CoViD19 related complications.
As per the protocol at the time, his body had to be cremated without delay at a CoViD19 designated crematorium.
When we arrived at the M.S.Palya crematorium, the staff there demanded Rs 4500. we asked the reason for the payment. We were given some vague reason 'for the bamboo stretcher etc'
We didn't have cash. The staff offered to take us to an ATM on a motorbike to withdraw cash.
We paid the bribe, as we didn't want to delay the cremation and it was late.
We had to pay again the next day to collect the ashes (Rs 300 for a lid for the urn) and Rs 200 for the watchman to let us in early in the morning.
I have complained about this to the BBMP on its complaints website. I have not had a response in the 3-4 weeks since.
They had no humanity or compassion for grieving families.
I have seen reports on YouTube and the the Indian Express, when similar demands have been made during the CoViD pandemic.

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