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Sir, I am a Small trader and a technician of computer printers I…

Reported on August 2, 2014 from Baharampur , West Bengal  ι Report #42559

I am a Small trader and a technician of computer printers I have a work shop called Solutionist. I used to serve KV Baharampore, Murshidabad. Recently a Clerk of this school Asim Halder is asking bribe for clearing a cheque of RS1050/- for printer servicing. I informed this matter several times to the present Principal even told him personally every thing. But he is reluctant to take any action. He advised me to settle this matter with Asim Halder. I am really frustrated with the behaviour of the Principal of a reputed school. He even did not show any courtesy to give a reply to my e mails. This is not expected from a reputed shool of Government of India. The said clerk Asim Halder claims that all my complains will turn futile and go to junk busket as he and his coleague Sanjoy Kabiraj (another clerk in the same school) has hot link with high level officials, VIPs including the Ex MPof Murshidabad Shree Pranab Mukherjee and the present President of India. So tell me what can I do now?

Thanking you

Jaydip Banerjee
For Solutionist

268 A C Road (North)
Baharampore, Murshidabad
9434442165, 9153111556

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