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Corruption & Harrassment by Norther Railway

Reported on October 7, 2019 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #214869

The Project of cost 12.50 Cr was awarded to my company on 27.05.2019 with completion date as 27.11.2019. The concerned DyCE Mona Shrivastava and CE Ajit Singh asked for Bribe of 1.25 Cr (25 Lakh initially and 8% on each Bill Payment). I said NO tom this proposal. They had provided most of the drawings on 09.08.2019 and some were not provided. the hindrance at site were not removed deliberately. Then they Terminated the Contract on 13.08.2019 and put me under a loss of 3 Cr immediately as I did work of 1.50 Cr till 13.08.2019 and Rs 70 Lakh material was in stock and forefit of 70 Lakh of Security Deposited with Them. I filed complaint with CVC, Ministry of Railway, ED and CVO, GM Railway, CAO Railway on 20.09.2019 but no action initiated. PLEASE HELP ME.

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