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I am a student who follows e regular route to my classes daily evening.…

Reported on March 30, 2014 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #40275

I am a student who follows e regular route to my classes daily evening. Yesterday i was stopped by a few policemen near jhakkarkatti bus stand and was asked to produce my papers and driving license. After checking everything they started noting down details from my RC and kept it with themselves. And i was asked to sign the chalaan reciept of 1000₹. When i asked on what context i was threatened by the home guards. They said i should sign it without making a scene or they'll lock me up and thrash me. When i revolted and said that they cant beat me without any cause they said i am an old criminal because i knew my rights. Then they pressurised me and said come on sign the receipt because it march end and they have a big target to meet and issue dozens of more chalaans. On my resfusal they thrashed me black and blue and compulsively made me sign it.when i said ill complain about them they thrashed me more and said they will meet me everyday at the same spot and thrash me. Ive got a sore face, damaged eye out of which i cant see properly eversince and a damaged ear drum. Please provide justice

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