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In reference with Report #196866 posted on January 17, 2019 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh

Reported on February 5, 2019 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #198173

As, earlier I mentioned my story in Report #196866. Which you all should read before reading this article. Finally, I received my passport today through India Post and felt relaxed. As, in my previous story I was waiting for police verification and after dropping an email to SSP Kanpur, My file was further forwarded to LIU, Kanpur Department within 3 working days. As, again I received a call from LIU, Kanpur Field officer and he too called me with a witness along with xerox copies of my Aadhaar and PAN Card along with one passport size colour photograph approx. 2 KM away from my home address but as soon as I completed the documentation process he too asked for money gently by calling it as 'sewa' but not 1000 INR like police demanded it as a service fee.
He just demanded 100 or 200 INR but as I want my passport to be created with no bribe I here too refused to pay bribe. He told me that my file will be in pending state for 2/3 months and I won't get my Passport. I told him that if my documents are genuine then no one can stop this file and bribing is an criminal offence especially during police verification. I knew that within 21 days this file will automatically get forwarded to passport office and in case of any issue I need to convince RPO Officer that I am a genuine person. For, that I too has a solid proof. Later on I too wrote an email once again to SSP, Kanpur informing about this incident.
Anyways, here too my file was forwarded after 2 weeks from SP Office to passport office and luckily there was a clear report. So, I didn't had to face any adverse issues in my case because I haven't bribed any officer during verification procedure.
Verdict of my Story: In my locality everyone says POLICE and LIU both are corrupt because they ask for 2000-500 INR bribe (rates may vary as per situation) but I want to ask them all that who makes them corrupt? It's only us who bribe them. I didn't bribed anyone and in 1500+50 (premium sms service)=1,550 INR. I received my passport within 25 days.

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