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Police and LIU guy who come for verification asked for the bribe

Reported on April 17, 2016 from Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #100908

I want to bring to your notice the corruption that is prevalent in the police department in the Kanpur City .My sister applied for the passport somewhere in the last week of March .The police guy who came to visit for physical verification constantly asked for bribe.
We straight away refuse to give the bribe as it was against our moral and ethical values .Also then he refused to get her documents signed .Somehow after so much request he let her sign the verification documents.

The story dint end here .Then came the trunof LIU guy ,who also asked for the bribe and again we refused for the same.This time I took the stand ask and faced the LIU guy who after so much intimidation ,went away.

To my utter surprise usually it takes one week to ten days for a verification report to move from a police station to SP office ,but in my sisters case ,it is still in Pending Physical Verification State

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