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Purchased drinks from my passport by false guiding

Reported on February 13, 2020 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #220275

Dear sir,

I went to dubain on 6-2-2020 and returned to india on 12-2-2020 at bengaluru kemegowda airport at 3.00 a.m. At the time of my cabin checking (person name not know) a lady who was checking called me and asked to give the passport and the bill which i purchased gold. I submitted the bill which cost nearly about Rs. 50,000/- later she called a person and gave my passport and told me to go with him. That person called another lady and told me to go with the lady who was wearing kaki saree. That lady took me to the elevator instead of taking me as usual place. In the elevator she told me to purchase drink for her otherwise I have to pay a duty of 30% for the gold I have purchased.

Being the daughter of police officer I was mentally tortured by these people for no reason. being knowing about the rules and regulations I have purchased the gold enquring about to carry gold. The lady asked me to give atleast two or one thousand as a bribe which I did not give her. l informed her that I would to the vigilance authority nor the press about this incident which will be published in all the newspaper than she left me.

Sir my request is that we single ladies when we travel alone there is no safety in the airport by the customs staff in our own country. Is this the way the staff should behave with the customer. Regarding this I need a justice and such people should be punished.

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