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The entire police system has been badly corrupted.

Reported on April 8, 2018 from Noida , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #180981

On February 24, 2018, my three friends had taken my bike to go somewhere, and then on the way, Noida (U.P.) Sector 24 Police stopped them and as they were violating the rules of traffic i.e. there were three riders on the bike, the helmets were not worn, and on the spot they did not have any documents, the police seized my bike. That was my bike, so all the documents were with me. Now the police made a challan which could only be paid in the court and the bike could be exempted by the court only and I came to know this when I went to the police station on February 26 to take my bike. It was my first experience of this kind, I went to the court (Greater Noida), talked to an advocate, he charged Rs. 500, more than what was needed. Then next day I deposited a huge penalty of Rs. 3000. After two days of heavy trouble, on 27 February, I received the court order to get my bike released from the police station, same day I came directly to the police station and then a bad incident happened with me.
When I went in, I saw 5-6 people was already there to get their vehicles back and all of them had the court's order letter in their hands. After a while, a policeman who was looking at the case of these seized vehicles, his name was probably Jitendra Kumar, he came out of his room and sat in a separate empty space in the station premises and we all got Called. All of us had photocopies of the court orders, but the Police Man took all the photo copies from us and torn them, saying this is not required and kept the originals. I don't know why he did so? Then the boy who was first in the queue for his bike, was asked for a bribe in front of all 5-6 people standing there. Despite the order of the court, after paying the penalty, the stupid boy gave him Rs. 200, but the policeman refused saying, "Aisa mat karo yaar, jitne bante hain utne dedo", the boy said, "Sir, I don't have much money", then Police Man replied "Dekhlo yaar hisaab se, jitne bante hai utne dedo", Layman gave a Rs. 500 note from hi pocket. On seeing this I started my mobile phone camera quietly and started video recording. But I could not get it done properly because that policeman was looking at me repeatedly. The rest of the 4-5 people also did the same, someone gave 200, someone 300, someone gave 500. After settling two to three people, suddenly he got suspicious of me and he took my phone and started checking. Thanks god that I had pressed the phone's lock button and he could not see anything. But he started questioning me "Kya record kar raha tha, bata mujhe, lock khol phone ka". I tried to convince him that I have not recorded anything, but after that he was suspicious of me. Such a brave cop he was, after everybody, he had asked to me for money to release my bike. I said Sir, nothing was left to me, Court took 3000 rupees. Then he said, "To uska main kya karoon, humare jitne bante hain wo to do" When I did not bribe him, he started doing another job and I was walking back and forth to him, but he was constantly ignoring me. He did this for three hours. I had been very tired and bothered after two days of trouble and by paying the penalty borrowing money from the friends. Then again some people came to take their vehicles, I asked for the key again. He took the photocopy of my Aadhar card and with the help of fingers, asking for money from the side of the table. The last hundred rupees were left in my pocket, due to such a headache I gave it to him, but he gave me back in my hands, gave me a look and made a weird face and said "Kya hai yeh?", I said, "Sir mere paas iske alawa ek rupiya bhi nahi hai", So he slammed my court's order letter on one side. Then I also decided that I would not want to bribe him anymore, and will definitely complaint about him. After a while, he agreed and pointed to God's picture and swore to me, "Mata ji ki qasam kha ke bol ke tune kuch record nahi kiya", and said, "Jo bhi kiya ho wo delete kar dena". I said Sir, "Sir main sahi keh raha hoon maine kuch bhi record nahi kiya, aapko aisa laga hoga, main to sirf apna phone chala raha tha", somehow the "PUBLIC SERVANT" gave my bike's key after spoiling my whole four hours.
It was a big surprise, on that day I found that this Police Man was openly bribeing all day in the police station itself, in front of all his colleagues, juniors and seniors. All his senior officers were present there all the time around him and all this was happening in front of them. And it is not that nobody has seen it, I also noticed this thing that each and every Police Man in the police station knew it and everyone was clearly seeing what he was doing, but still it was happening. This creates a very big question (?) The second thing when we have legally deposited our penalties in the court and the order to leave the vehicle has been received from the court, whose decision is paramount, then what is the right of these bribe-makers who asks for money? This corrupt cops?
I apologize that I am complaining very late, in fact after this incident my college examination had started, so I could not register the complaint on time. As far as I remember, his name is Jitendra Kumar, but due to not being 100% sure, I can also give you his video recording so that his face can be easily identified.
Thank you.

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