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Unaccounted wealth by VRO of Warangal

Reported on May 12, 2018 from Warangal , Telangana  ι Report #182490

I would not be able to provide specific details such as Time,location and all details.but would like to put forward the details of Bribe and amassed illegal wealth by VRO of Warangal or Kaxipet who was in service since last 10yrs .Now the same VRO is working in Bhoopalapally area with Name Jalapati Reddy.With a meagre salary amassed huge wealth with own house costing beyond crores and asssets.His father in Law is a writer in police station who also amassed huge wealth .Gave Dowry woth crores to his daughters and still in service without any actions against them as no one reported to any officers as i suspect there is an understanding within themselves.So request to put forth to concerned team to take proper actions and confiscate all the amassed wealth and Do justice to society and stop giving Bribe and also taking bribe

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