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Honest TT

Reported on November 30, 2013 from Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #38194

This report was from 2000. I was in Ghaziabad for an interview for a B school and was on my way back to Delhi. There was a strike and a rasta rokhu by the sugar cane farmers in the area and the bus was stuck in traffic. The bus driver estimated atleast a 2 Hr delay. I had a train to Mumbai which I would loose if I stuck to the bus.
I got off the bus, took a lift from a 2 wheeler guy who dropped me to the railway station. The train was leaving and I had no time to buy a ticket. I ran and took the train and was travelling without ticket.
I got in and was with a group of army folks with whom i was sharing my story. The TT came along and I told him that I did not have the ticket and my situation. He understood my predicament and gave me recommendation on where to get off and take a rickshaw so that I can make it on time. He did charge me for the ticket but did not take any fine or a bribe as TT always do.
Thanks to the TT and all the nice folks that I met that day, I was able to catch the train Just in Time.... ( the train was moving as I ran down the platform stairs)
There are still good people in this world :)

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