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Merchant of ANDUL under P.S.Sankrail,Dist-Howrah and role of Adjudicating Authority.

Reported on February 10, 2017 from Howrah , West Bengal  ι Report #151718

This post arises out of REPORT#148655.AND memo of Dist:Magistrate &Collector of Howrah,
Memo-CON/05/12/126/LR DATED05/11/2012. in regard to false Legal Heir CERTIFICATE
of Andul Gram Panchayet dated 15/01/2009 and the property under dag no-220,Mouja-ANDUL.The same was mutated by Block land and land reform office within sixty days,without any inspection.The next the Report #148655.

Returning to main point that till date 5TH Court failed to frame issue even after nine months.
Link-Title Suit-9328/2014,Civil Court Junior Division-Howrah.and 6220/2014,same court.
again W.P. NO-32118 OF 2014 IN THE HIGHCOURT OF CALCUTTA-Appellate Side.
in regard to illegal construction.Till date we are not able to start any hearing,we have already paid Rs.50,000/=as various legal fees but without any legal service.We are also victim of oppression and injustice at the hands of the law enforcement machinery,How Merchant of Andul evading all sorts of illegalities as a defendant or Petitioner.How this Govt mutating land and manipulating Land records whenever possible when the matter under sub-judice.The Govt is trying to linger the matter just to avoid their own department.s corruption.Department-Howrah Zilla Parishad,Gram Panchayet and Land AND LAND REFORM DEPARTMENT,under P.S.Sankrail,Howrah-711302.
This case demonstrate the extent and type of fraud which clogs the wheels of justice delivery system.Refer memo-1977/CMO Dated 17/02/2012,Refer memo-72/2012 dated 27/06/12.
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