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Renewal of 4-wheeler Registration

Reported on December 14, 2017 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #172271

I have visited RTO Krishnarajapura, Bangalore to renew the registration of my car after (15 years of first registration). The procedure involves several stages from Application scrutiny, remittance of fee. hologram sticker & obtaining Fitness Certificate.

Mr. Murthy from the application scrutiny and the Senior Vehicle Inspector Mr. Sudheer, are the two officers with whom I interacted.

I have not faced even a bit of harassment or delay in the process. Once Mr. Sudheer was apologetic to a few of us, as he could not inspect the vehicle within the time he initially promised. We all were able to see his hectic schedule as he was taking the test of huge pile up of learner's test aspirants. Moreover he was very polite & professional in each of his words & action ( I have really seen an educated, cultured officer in him).

The way we saw him explaining the mistake ( by drawing the pictures and telling one how to take the turns in curves), was reflecting a sincere teacher in him.
If we have our officers half as sincere as r. Sudheer, future of India is really bright

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