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Birbe is the norm in this department

Reported on November 27, 2017 from Agra , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #171847

Hi There,

I am reporting this incident on behalf of number of businessmen operating in Agra including my father. On the back of sales tax inspection that highlights some follies on the paperwork, the sales tax department in Agra and it's senior officer terrorize the businesses to furnish bribes rather than issuing the right amount of fine owed to public exchequer. I acknowledge that the paperwork from my father wasn't 100% accurate, but it was as accurate as it could be, given the systematic billing issues in Agra, which are getting better with the launch of GST, still not perfect. The total extra tax due if calculated properly wouldn't have been more than 20000 INR, but he has been forced to pay bribe on two occasions (10000 INR each time), first by the juniors in Jan-Feb 2017, which he thought would be sufficient but then again by the senior officers (Apr - 2017). The main sales tax officer involved is Sanmati Kumar Jain, however there is widespread corruption and bribery throughout the department. Even to talk to the junior-most staff he has to furnish 100-200 INR every time he meets them, otherwise there is a threat of penalizing even further or shutting down the business. This is not one off case, rather a systemic issue in the department.

I am hoping some action can be taken and honest officers promoted in the department to help business flourish and recover money for the public exchequer when not paid, instead of settling the cases through never ending bribery episodes.

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