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Bribe for marriage registration and certificate

Reported on September 5, 2015 from Madurai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #65093

We went to register my marriage, which happen in my life 10 years back.
First of all, they don't follow updated rules, secondly they ask documents as mixture of rules a years back. it means that they ask a list of documents whatever coming to their mind. For example, (1) a joint photograph is required but they did not ask. (2) marriage invitation required, they did not ask. (3) presence of parents not required, they asked to bring. When we are ready with documents as per the details available online, they did not ask. Their motivation they want to follow different rules for everyone so that people will get confused and they can demand for more money by making rules.

I paid Rs.3000 because I traveled from Singapore intentionally for this marriage registration. That's why I paid 3200 (including cost for flag) and submitted filled in application and one set of passport size photos pasted in application, copy of ration card, age proof, brought my parents to register office. got it done.

My allegation is that (1) they don't want to follow recently updated rules to demand for more money. (2) since CCTV camera available inside the office, they take money with the help of brokers in waiting hall Or outside the office like brokers place (document writer office). These brokers play major role in collecting bribe in Tamil Nadu.(3) they never give receipt for flag. These people are already corrupt minded, then how they will pay this money for flag to the government. How the Indian government trust these people, I don't understand.

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