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Bribe for no reason.

Reported on December 4, 2015 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #84952

Hello, I had applied for a fresh passport on 17th nov. 2015 on 1st December a person called me named Ramakant from police station saying that come for the police verification at the police station so I went there with all my documents and with my friends for the reference so he checked all the documents and after verifying it he told me that I have to pay 300 for file charges my documents were proper and complete verification was proper but still he demanded for money for no reason I paid him 300 rupees and after it I checked online and also called passport office about but all I found that there are no file charges or any other charges. So that was a bribe for no reason.
The name of officer is Ramakant
Date of incident is 1-12-2015
Time is around 5:20 pm
Location is Amaraiwadi Police Station (Passport branch), Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Designation of the officer is Passport verification officer.

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