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Bribe given to issue RTC of the land

Reported on October 25, 2015 from Chikmagalur , Karnataka  ι Report #80570

I have purchased agriculture land. My father and grand father happen to be agriculture land holders but my name do not figure in the RTC but I have produced the family tree, which confirms that my grand father was an agriculturist. Apart from this the Govt of Karnataka has passed a legislation which allows even non agriculturist whose annual income is not more that Rs.25 lakhs. In spite of bringing all these facts to the knowledge of authorities, nothing could be done. The Village Accountant insisted for the payment of INR 35000. I had no option that to heed to his illegal demand. As a helpless common stupid man, I paid him the demanded gratification.
I have lost all hopes and surprised, when the Village Accountant explained that equal share has to be reached to the Revenue Inspector, Case worker and the Tahsildar of the jurisdiction.

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