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I paid 1500 for doing nothing

Reported on September 29, 2015 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #68009

I'm a student from Pune. The incident i'm gonna share happened with me and my friends on 24th Feb, 2015 . I was with my friends at E- square , Pune when i got an invite for a friends birthday party . She was a very close friend so i had to go and 3 of my friends from Pune decided to join me. So we left by car in the evening by 5 pm and reached by 8.30 . We then went to my friends place where one of my friend had a beer and then we left for the party. On the way my friend picked up two cans of beer from the wine shop. On the way to the party we stopped near Neelkhanth Woods (Its a residential complex in thane) to smoke as i don't allow smoking in my car. It was at this time two hawaldars (police constables) saw us and stopped by for questioning. Without my permission they checked my car (which is wrong as they did not have any search warrant) and obviously found two unopened cans of beer. My friend acknowledged that it was his booze and he had a beer before leaving the house. Then the hawaldars obviously saw a golden opportunity to earn a few bucks by selling their dignity and abusing the power the uniform they were wearing gave them. They took my car papers and license and asked all of us to come to the Brahmand police station with them. We happily agreed because we knew that we hadn't done anything wrong. As we reached the police station the two cops could sense that they weren't gonna get any money from us so they decide to play the dirtiest trick they could. They started harassing my (female) friend by saying things like "itna raat ko kidhar ghum rhe ho? apne papa ko phone lagao? ye ladka log apka rape karega to kya hoga?". She obviously got scared and so we decided to pay them bribe. They settled for 1500 and they made my friend sign a blank paper saying that they'll write an apology on his behalf on it. My friend agreed to signed because they had mentally tortured us for 2 hours and we just wanted to get rid of them. So actually we didn't pay money for breaking a law but got mugged by two thieves wearing police uniform who pretend to serve citizens of India . It was that day i understood that we just pay taxes to the government so that the government can hire people like these to harass and mug us.

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