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Informed wrong fine for transoarent tinted window glasses

Reported on April 12, 2019 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #203048

I was traveling to the office with my wife. at Vitava (Thane) traffic police stopped my car and asked for all documents. As I had all documents, they checked my window glass and said its tinted. I was not aware about it as I recently bought this car and it was fully transparent. I asked for fine amount, they said Its Rs 5000, and they were keeping my licence and told me to come to fort court to collect your licence. As I and my wife were getting late for imp meeting, I did not had enough cash, they asked me to give Rs3000 and settled by prepareing bill of Rs 200.I tried to check in google for correct amount, but revised fine amounts for tintef glass were not updated in any of the site. when I reached office, I called highway traffic police and they informed me that fine is Rs 200(I must say highway pune traffic helpline police officers were very helpful). These traffuc police officers @Vitava (thane) unnecessary collecting our hardwok money by informing wrong fine amount to the public. and settling with lower amount by taking bribe. I have slip and my atm withdraw statement and would like to take action against them.

Officer Name: Nilkhantha Patil
Receipt number: INCRC19000217714
Payment date: 11 April 2019 17:48
Designation: PI
Challan number: INCCM19001210384

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