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Misbehaviour too much

Reported on June 21, 2018 from Lucknow , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #184516

Today i.e. 21th June I've to board from Lucknow to Aligarh in Shatabdi Express. I had 4 in waiting list and wasn't confirmed but I've to leave for Aligarh as I had a test tomorrow i.e. 22nd June in Delhi. I was very worried as the test dates were shifted from 17th June to 22 and I've already cancelled those date ticked and it cost me too much with no refunds. So I met this TTE at platform and explained everything. He seems very good that time and asked me how much you got. I told him all I have is 800 rs but he asked more. All I got was 1000 rs and I told him. He said go and sit quietly in C5. I went and sat there. Before Etawah station one meal guy came and told me TTE wants to meet me. I went to him and said if he could take 800 rs as all I have is 1000 rs and I have to go to Delhi too. He misbehaved and threatened me. This made me mad as he wasn't the one whom I met at platform. He changed totally when it came to money.
I accepted and condemn my act of bribe as it was an emergency as this test was very important to me.

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