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Navrangpura Police station lady sub inspector

Reported on October 31, 2018 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #191913

I paid a bribe when on of my employee has filled a case against me for wrong complaints. The officer on duty knows the wrong claim charges. She asked me to pay 5000 to do not take any actions against me. I asked what actions can be taken against me? as I haven't bit him, haven't hold his salaries, haven't done anything nonsense which can make offence. She said thats the process and kindly do so. If you don't we have ways and rules to take actions against you. I have pay at that time and immediately we put a case against the employee and the judgement from the court was we are innocent. The employee was terminated services due to behaviour and his allegations are to pay off his family of last 2 years for which he hasn't got a job.

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