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Paid bribe for passport vaidation

Reported on November 11, 2016 from Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #133817

I had applied for a renew passport. I got a call on 26 october 2016 from Indirapuram police station for verification of my identity .Mobile number was:9999824747. He introduced himself as Narendra ji. He asked me to come next day and meet him to complete the process

I went to the police station at 10:30 am on 27th october 2016 , with all my identification documents. He had not reached police station yet. I waited for 1.50 hours. Finally. I met him around 12:30 pm. After looking at my documents he asked me to pay him Rs 1000. I asked him why was he asking me for money and told him that I had all the required documents in place for him to complete the process. His tone suddenly changed and he said 'Your file will not go foreward if u dont pay'.

I told him that I only have Rs 500 to pay him. He took 500 and asked me to give rest 500 either on that day or next day. Finally I withdrew money from ATM and paid him. I got my passport but the process left a bad taste for me. I was taken aback by the policeman's attitude and I request action to be taken against him.
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