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Paid Bribe To Gokul Township Police, Virar(W)

Reported on April 25, 2020 from Thane , Maharashtra  ι Report #222082

I open my shop on 24/04/2020 to sell 5kg gas cylinder. The police officer came and told me to close the shop and sit in his vehicle which is Grey color Innova Car. I told him politely that i am selling 5kg gas cylinder to construction labour, but he refuse to listen and took me to his police station which is near Gokul Township, Virar(W). After reaching there he asked me for bribe of Rs 10000.
I beg him lot but he refuse to listen to me and started threatning me if i don't pay him. I was so helpless that i couldn't do anything, I even told me about my financial difficulties that i don't have money but he didn't listen to me when i said i could borrow from someone and give money he agree to release me otherwise he was telling me that i would many charges on you and your life will be destroy.I paid him the bribe.He his doing this thing every other man to take advantage of this lockdown. Please help me Sir, I will be really greatful to You

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