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Parking fine.

Reported on June 10, 2019 from Nashik , Maharashtra  ι Report #208148

It was Nashik police who asked me to pay more than the specified fine for two wheelers for parking vehicle in no Park section... It was really a mental harassment.. as there were no boards shown of no parking in the thakkar bazaar area..
I had parked my vehicle outside a hotel in the Thakker bazaar as I knew parking in the open space near the city buses would create a problem.. The worst thing in Nashik is the toeing contractors!!!
They just have lost their brains!! They are supposed to make an announcement before they pick up the vehicle.. But these corrupted stupid fellows directly pick up any random vehicles and demand for bribes..!! And this is really annoying!!
As usual in my case they directly picked my vehicle without making any announcements!! More annoying was when I went to the police station where I had to pay fine, the police demanded more than the specified fine!! And when asked the police just smiled and said '' 200 fine che ani 100 contractor che''
This was just height of corruption!!!
More annoying than this was after paying 300 rs as fine the Nashik police gave me receipt of amount aggregating Rs. 100!!!
I request to the team of I paid a bribe to please take this issue very seriously as it's the money as well as the time which gets wasted and which we cannot get back!! And the mental harassment caused by such issues is just too much!!!

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